The Servants

1985 - January-February


New Age Movement Sets Stage for AntiChrist    by Dr. Herbert A. Lee

Saved by Grace: The testimony of an ex-Mormon   by Larry Kennard


1985 - February-March

Mormonism/LDS  by Jack Gracie. 

Jehovah's Witnesses by Ande AndersonArmstrongism

Adventism by Bob Palmer

1986 - Summer Edition


The Mormon View of Hell by Jim Boren

News and Views from Cults Around the World

"666" Cult a Problem for Tucson Pastors

John L. Smith Stricken

Utah State Fair: A Personal View by Jim Boren


1986 - Fall Edition

Special Halloween Edition:

Interview with a Tucson witch by Jim Boren and Tom Perkins

What? Occultism among evangelicals? By Bill Foltz

The Origins of Halloween

How to Witness to Jehovah's Witnesses by R. Kahler

1986 - Winter Edition


Mormon Teachings on the Virgin Birth of Jesus Contradict the Bible

An Open Letter to New Ex-Cultists

Who Do You Say Jesus Is?

A Letter to the Mormon Church


1988 - Spring Edition

Pima County Fair: Who did people at the Fair say Jesus is?

Witnessing Tips by Jack Gracie

Elizabeth Clare Prophet Visits Tucson by Duane Burgess

Mormons Claim Record Increases in 1987

1988 - Summer Edition

currently unavailable


Elizabeth Clare Prophet in Tucson: Part II New age leader channels Michael the Archangel by Duane Burgess

An Overview of Salvation: The three tenses of salvation

Witnessing Tips: The importance of being a friend


1988 - Winter Edition

Reincarnation and Karma: What Christians Should Know by Jim Kress

The Sabbath: Should Christians Observe it Today? by Tom Perkins

Witnessing Tips: The Reinterpretation Game by Jack Gracie

Elizabeth Clare Prophet: Leader of Church Universal and Triumphant Claims to be Reincarnated Sister of Lazarus by J.L. Boren

The Resurrection of Christ According to Sun Myung Moon by J.L. Boren

1989 - Fall


The Cults in Politics: A Recipe for Disaster? by Bill Foltz

The New Age and Reincarnation

Can Christians Celebrate Halloween?

The Person of Jesus Christ by Tom Campbell

Witnessing Tips by Jack Gracie


1989 - Winter

Dr. Walter Martin: A Biographical Sketch

Christian Doctrine Series: One God in Three Persons

Media Commentary: The Movie Willow

Witnessing Tips: Approaching the Spiritually Blind

1990 - Spring


Why Witness to Cults?

L.D.S. Racism is Not New

Witnessing Tips by Jack Gracie


1990 - Summer

Mormon Church Changes Temple Rituals

False Religions: The Boston Church of Christ

Christian Science: Warning May be hazardous to your health

1991 - Spring


From the Craft to the Cross: Testimony of a Former Witch by Yolanda K.

Book Review: Confronting the New Age by Douglas Groothuis

Cult Update: Fundamental Mormons Build University; Goddess Worshippers in Presbyterian Church; Tucson Church of Christ


1991 - Fall

Discipling and the Tucson Church of Christ

Ministry News: C.A.F. Praise Reports; C.A.F. Ministry Needs; Biosphere 2

Cult Update: Watchtower district Convention 1991; L.D.S. Profits

Witches Gather in Tucson for Sabbath

1991 - Winter


Occult Revival in Tucson

Mormon Church History

Worldwide Church of God: Jewish Celebrations Mandatory

False Religions: Unitarian Universalism


1992 - Spring

Event Updates (No articles)

1992 - September  


Biosphere 2: Space Age or New Age?

New Agers Converge on Sedona

Letters to CAF

The Message of William Branham: Part 2 by John Kennah

So. Baptists Vote to Study Masonry


1992 - Winter  

The Message of William Branham by John Kennah and Tom Perkins

Cult Update: Satanic Conspiracy Uncovered in L.D.S. Church by Anders Anderson

Adventist Splinter Group

Boston Church of Christ

Rumors in Churches

In the Beginning by Anders Anderson

1993 - February  


The Message of William Branham: Part 3 Factions Within the Message Movement by John Kennah

Message Pastor Accused of Child Molestation, Mind Control

Santeria Altar Discovered in Tucson


1993 - October

Halloween by Jim Boren and Tom Perkins

1995 - June  


Spiritual Warfare: Part 1 Territorial Strongholds by Duane Burgess

Why is Creation Necessary? by Duane Burgess

Changes in CAF

Casting Out the Demons of Tucson


1995 - October  

Spiritual Warfare: Part 2 Ancestral Curses by Duane Burgess

Biker Ministry Sues Critics

Holy Spirit: God and Person or the force? by Scott Ladd and Tom Perkins


Worldwide & United Churches of God by Scott Ladd

Armstrongism: Cult of a Cult of a cult of a

Book Review: Deckers Complete Handbook on Mormonism

Be Aware! Bulletin

1996 - June


Yes, Christians are Biased  and for good reason.  by Duane L. Burgess

From my Heart by George Greene

Genesis Unbound?  Book Review by Duane L. Burgess


1996 - Special Edition

What Was the Attraction on the Mountain? by John Kennah

Its on my Heart by George Greene

1997 - Volume 1  


Why Study the Cults? by Duane L. Burgess

CAFs History: In the Beginning by Scott Ladd

Its on my Heart by George Greene

Cloning: From Jurassic Park to Cutting-Edge Science

Have you Heard of Swedenbogianism?

Have you Read Darwins Black Box?


1997 - Volume 2  

Heavens Gate UFO Cult by Scott Ladd

From the President

Power of Belief by Duane L. Burgess

Book Review: Angels of Deceit

Its on my Heart by George Greene

1997 - Volume 3


Its on my Heart by George Greene

The Celestine Prophecy and the Tenth Insight by Duane L. Burgess

The Gospel According to the Son by Duane L. Burgess


1997 - Halloween Supplement  


The History of Halloween

1997 - Volume 4


Is the Mormon Account of the Virgin Birth Biblical? by Neil Martin and George Greene

Its on my Heart by George Greene

Founder of Satan Church Dies

LDS Questions We Would Like Answered


1997 - Christmas Supplement  

Christmas Issue

Does the Bible Forbid Christmas Trees?

Pagan Origins and Influences in Christmas

God With Us: The Miracle of Christmas by Dr. John MacArthur

More Christmas Factoids

The Star of Bethlehem

The Virgin Birth

1998 - Volume 1


A Closer Look at: Witchcraft and Pagans

Its on my Heart by George Greene